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We are the hub of the CDP Group's real estate and infrastructure fund and asset management activities.

We promote urban regeneration through the development of social living infrastructure in Italy and the redevelopment of former public real estate owned by the CDP Group. We support the tourism-accommodation sector and the development of sustainable infrastructure in our country.

We combine the use of "patient" capital, operating with a long-term time horizon, with the pursuit of financial sustainability of investments and the generation of positive impacts on the country.

We act as a catalyst for financial resources, intervening on the basis of the principles of additionality and complementarity with the market and applying the high ESG standards that characterise the CDP Group's strategy to our investments.


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We support projects with positive impacts on the country. By 2026, we want to generate overall investments of around €10 billion, involving private and public capital, and operating through 4 sectors of action.

Social Housing

Social living infrastructure, social housing, student housing and senior housing
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Building Enhancement

Redevelopment of former public buildings in the portfolio
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Support for the growth of national accommodation facilities and operators
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Growth and strengthening of sustainable infrastructure
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