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Joining CDP is the start of a journey of discovery, development and growth in personal and professional competencies. We are committed each day to creating a stimulating working environment, offering a wealth of learning opportunities.


Training at CDP

*The figures refer to 2023 Integrated Report


Welcome activities - onboarding

Each new person is welcomed by their HR Business Partner, who will guide them in initial induction activities at work. Appointments include a Welcome Day, with other new recruits joining in the same month, to gain further insight into CDP’s organisation model, training paths and company welfare. In addition, a dedicated team will provide more information on the Strategic Plan. The activity continues with JUMP (Join Unconventional Monthly Program), consisting of a day in the classroom exploring company values, three days of experiential training off-site and a final game with a constructive, team competition, plus two side activities: Mentoring and Job Shadowing.


Training and continual professional development

Training is a cornerstone of the development of personal competencies and opportunities for growth. We contribute to making CDP a centre of excellence, through over 40 hours of training on average provided each year for every employee, thanks to partnerships with the best Italian and international Business Schools (Headspring -IE Business School in partnership with the Financial Times, IESE Business School, Luiss BS, POLIMI, SDA Bocconi, Bologna Business School). All programmes are designed and implemented with the aim of developing people’s skills, ensuring fair participation, without any distinction (e.g. gender, age, part-time/full-time work).


Our initiatives include:

  • Extensive training. Each year we offer all CDP people the chance to independently choose one or more courses from a training catalogue. Each person has a certain number of credits to spend over the year, opting for courses with different credits. Plus, we offer other vertical training, with masters’ and specialist courses.
  • Mentoring and coaching. We invest in the development of people with internal mentoring programmes (we have over 200 trained mentors), and individual coaching and team coaching programmes with external partners. To further consolidate growth paths, we have set up a group of certified in-company coaches.


Corporate MBA

Every two years, we launch a Corporate MBA, which each employee can apply for on a voluntary basis - after passing a test managed by the business school running the course (for example Luiss BS, POLIMI - Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business). The Master’s course lasts for 24 months and is also open to the nine companies of the CDP Academy Network (Ansaldo Energia, CDP Venture Capital, Fincantieri, Italgas, Nexi, Open Fiber, Poste Italiane, Snam and Terna). The course has classroom sessions with lessons once a month, held at weekends, and at the end a university diploma (60 university training credits) is awarded.

Higher Education

An itinerant, international training programme, devised by CDP and CDP Academy Network companies (Ansaldo Energia, Autostrade per l’Italia, Fincantieri, Italgas, Nexi, Open Fiber, Poste Italiane, Snam and Terna), consisting of three modules:

  • Strategy, Finance and Sustainability - SDA Bocconi, Milano
  • Innovation and Digitalization - Headspring, Financial Times HQ London
  • Organizational Behavior - IESE, Madrid

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