Innovation funds for R&D projects | CDP

Subsidised loans for innovation and growth

We can support your enterprise on its path of innovation with favourable conditions.

Who they are aimed at

Innovative start-ups, enterprises of any size, research centres with legal status.

How they work

With subsidised loans for innovation (Enterprise Revolving Fund), we provide medium to long-term funding to support investments in research for your enterprise in many areas (e.g. sustainable industry, digital agenda, circular economy, supply chain agreements, social enterprises, tourism, Green New Deal).

In collaboration with the banking system, we grant loans which can be subsidised by the relevant Ministries. The subsidised part normally covers 50% of the loan and reaches a maximum value of 90% for research, development and innovation programmes. The remainder of the loan is granted by a bank at the market rate. In addition, it is possible to request an additional grant from the relevant Ministry, which can cover up to 100% of eligible expenses. The duration of the loan cannot exceed 15 years, including the amortisation period.

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