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Bank and financial intermediary liquidity

We facilitate the granting of loans by affiliated banking institutions and financial intermediaries, necessary for business growth and expansion and post-disaster reconstruction.

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Who it is aimed at

Individuals and enterprises.

How it works

With the liquidity fund we facilitate access to loans by providing financial funding to banks and financial intermediaries to be allocated to enterprises and populations affected by natural disasters. Specifically:

  • with the leasing fund, we support access to credit for small and medium-sized enterprises and Italian Mid-CAPs through loans granted in a leasing form guaranteed by the SME Guarantee Fund, SACE or parties operating with similar forms of guarantee;
  • with the Confidi fund we support access to loans for small and medium-sized Italian enterprises, by granting loans guaranteed by the SME Guarantee Fund;
  • with the enterprises platform fund and the capital goods fund, we support the granting of loans to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that operate across Italy, in all production sectors, for the coverage - up to 100% of eligible expenses - of investments in machinery, new production plants and for needs linked to the development of working capital and company growth;
  • with the fund dedicated to natural disasters, we provide economic resources for areas hit by natural disasters, to start reconstruction and restart production activities.

In recent years, CDP has made a total of over 25 billion euros available through the liquidity fund, which has been disbursed to individuals and companies through collaboration with the national banking and financial system.

How to apply

Contact affiliated banks and financial intermediaries.


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