Welfare & benefits

A more balanced working life, better health protection, special support for all families. These are the core aspects of our company welfare system.


Welfare and people caring are important parts of our strategic vision. CDP provides services and initiatives to improve the wellbeing of its people and their families, in an integrated and continual manner. 

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Good health and wellbeing

Our people benefit from insurance, that can be extended to their families, reimbursing medical expenses and providing access to medical care at participating facilities. CDP supports prevention, also guaranteeing the possibility to have complete, regular check-ups with laboratory tests, instrumental tests and appointments with consultants.
CDP also provides a counselling service to support employees and their families, in their personal and professional lives.

Support for people

We support and promote parents and families in all their dimensions, to ensure the centrality of our employees’ personal lives. In particular, besides the protection afforded by law, we offer new parents better conditions for parental leave, paternity leave and paid leave, as well as financial support for their children’s schooling, throughout their education, from pre-school to university. We also have a number of financial initiatives for families with disabled children. Lastly we encourage part-time work, prioritising requests due to situations of serious family hardship.

We offer a contribution to our employees who are first-time home buyers, and encourage people to join, on a voluntary basis, a supplementary pension scheme, to have a pension in addition to the State pension. Lastly, meal vouchers are provided for each working day, according to the procedures in our Supplementary Company Agreement.

A focus on the work-life balance

We adopt a flexible working system, which enables remote working and allows people to better balance between their private life and company needs.  We also promote all organisational measures to ensure the right to disconnect outside standard working hours, and at main sites, some daily services are available (postal, banking, insurance services, etc.). In addition, as part of our focus on a better work-life balance and to encourage healthier lifestyles, we have special agreements with around 2,500 sports facilities throughout Italy.

Mobility and transport

We encourage sustainable mobility to improve quality of life in towns and cities and elsewhere. For this reason, we incentivise the use of urban and suburban transport, with contributions to purchase public transport passes. We also provide electric charging points, and bicycle and scooter parking at the Group’s sites; we have special agreements with “Sharing Mobility” operators, and give specific contributions for the purchase of environmentally friendly means of transport.


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