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Private Equity

Open your company’s capital to an industrial partner

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We invest in the future and growth of Italian SMEs and medium-sized companies, operating in the Bio-Pharmatech, manufacturing, fashion & design and agribusiness sectors or with capacity and technological assets, through private equity funds.

Strategic Directive

To support your objectives for:

  • Growth
  • Innovation

The Products

We invest in your high-potential business with the Italian Investment Fund, through the:

  • Innovation and Development Fund, which adopts an industrial approach when investing in companies, to facilitate development and the use of the most advanced management and manufacturing systems (Industry 4.0), with a medium-long term investment horizon.The fund provides capital for growth, including the replacement of existing shareholders to improve governance, and carries out majority transactions to facilitate critical generational changes.
  • Tech Growth Fund, which invests in companies by acquiring minority and majority shareholdings, for growth, partial replacement capital, spin-off, corporate carve-out and pre-IPO 
  • Private Equity and Private Debt Funds, that underwrite quotas of other closed-end security funds to support the development of the Italian private equity and private debt markets in favour of SMEs.

With the Italian Strategic Fund (FSI I), one of the largest European risk capital investment funds to focus on a single country, we invest in companies with high growth potential in various industrial sectors (mechanical, food and its distribution, luxury, fashion, design and pharmaceutical). With over 3,000 companies in the investment perimeter, the fund's opportunities are broad and sectorially diversified.
With the Quattro R Fund, we invest in companies that have temporary economic and financial issues but have adequate growth prospects, to convey risk capital and managerial skills for managing the company’s restructuring and re-launch plan.

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Our detailed solutions

Innovation and Development Fund
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Tech Growth Fund
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Fund of Fund Private Equity
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Fund of Fund Private Debt
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