Products and services

Our products and services

We offer a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of our partners

We focus in particular on regions where the growth prospects and opportunities for Italian companies’ trade and investment development are strongest, including by providing finance to sovereign governments and investing in funds. In collaboration with local institutions, we strengthen synergies with SACE, SIMEST and ICE to encourage initiatives that boost trade between local and Italian businesses. We assist with the organisation of, and participation in, events, trade fairs, international exchanges or operational missions both in Italy and overseas, and we facilitate initiatives that encourage international meetings and dialogue.



We provide customised financing instruments to foster equitable and sustainable growth in Partner Countries, including by supporting private sector initiatives with a high impact on local communities. 



We invest in equity or debt funds, including those with specific themes (e.g. green/sustainable/social bonds funds) to support targeted investment programmes in Partner Countries that are strategically important to Italy's economy.

Technical assistance and European programmes

We provide technical assistance solutions to facilitate project execution and develop stakeholder capabilities. Technical assistance activities form a key part of our work with Italian institutions, the European Union, and our Partner Countries.