Credit Rating | CDP

Credit Rating

Rating on CDP is assigned by major credit rating agencies


Highlights Integral link with the Italian government
Critical role for Italian economy
Sound fundamentals
High support from the Italian government
Negligible stock of problem loans
Stable funding structure
Strong State links
Dividend role for profitability
Sound funding structure
Italian NPI and unique business model
Solid fundamentals
Dividend role for profitability
Strong support from the Italian government
High asset quality
Reliable level of liquidity and diversified funding
Short-Term A - 2 P - 3 F - 2 S - 2 N.a.
Long-Term BBB Baa3 BBB BBB+ AAA
Outlook Positive Stable Stable Stable Stable
Last Update 26/10/2021 20/04/2022 04/03/2022 01/09/2021 29/07/2021

(1) Local Rating assigned by CCXI - China Chengxin International Credit Rating Co. - is valid only for issues on the domestic Chinese market.