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Credit Rating

Highlights Integral link with the Italian government
Critical role for Italian economy
Sound fundamentals
High support from the Italian government
Negligible stock of problem loans
Stable funding structure
Strong State links
Dividend role for profitability
Sound funding structure
Italian NPI and unique business model
Solid fundamentals
Dividend role for profitability
Short-Term A - 2 P - 3 F - 2 S - 2
Long-Term BBB Baa3 BBB BBB+
Outlook Stable Stable Stable Stable
Last Update 28/07/2022 21/11/2023 30/11/2023 23/02/2024




ESG Rating

  Moody's Analytics  ISS ESG Morningstar Sustainalytics*
Highlights Strong environmental and social footprint that is above sector average

Sound sustainability governance at both Board and managerial level and with the internal control system covering all relevant sustainability risks

Moderate Carbon Footprint and Advanced Energy Transition scores
Services offered with high social and environmental benefit

Social & Governance Rating at B- level

Very High Transparency Level (i.e. capacity to transparently disclose information and data)
Strong ESG disclosure, signaling a high degree of accountability towards stakeholders

Solid ESG risk management at the governance level, with a market "Leader" position in the relative category

Strong integration of the corporate sustainability strategy within the core business
Score/Rating 70/100  C (Prime Status) 4.4
Last Update Oct-23 Apr-24 Feb-24

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