Business lines

We promote urban regeneration through the development of social living infrastructure in Italy and the redevelopment of former public real estate owned by the CDP Group. We support the tourism-accommodation sector and the development of sustainable infrastructure in our country.


We manage direct and indirect funds dedicated to institutional investors for:

Development of the social living infrastructure

FIA | Fondo Investimenti per l’Abitare 

We invest in the private social housing sector to increase the supply of homes for rent at subsidised rents and for sale at subsidised prices, complementing the sectoral policies of the state and local authorities.

FNAS | Fondo Nazionale dell’Abitare Sociale

We complement the activities of the FIA Fund, which is mainly dedicated to social housing, by replicating the beneficial model of cooperation between public and private actors, focusing on all 3 S's of social housing infrastructure: Social, Student and Senior housing.

Enhancement of former public real estate


We maximise the value of real estate in the portfolio with a significant impact on the economies of the territories for subsequent sale or income generation.

Fondo Sviluppo

Maximising the value of real estate with untapped value potential and initiating a process of value maximisation through urban transformation and redevelopment

Support for the hotel tourism sector

FNT | Fondo Nazionale del Turismo

We support the growth of hospitality sector in Italy enabling the general improvement of accommodation facilities and facilitating the deconsolidation of Italian hotel chains through sales & lease-back operations.

Supporting market growth Infrastructure

FOF | Infrastrutture

We support the development of the Italian infrastructure market by promoting sustainable projects, fostering the growth of national asset managers and infrastructure funds, and acting as a catalyst for institutional resources in projects that have a direct impact on the real economy and the country.