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Public loans

We provide coverage for regional investments and support your organisation in accelerating the implementation of infrastructure and optimising the intervention procedures.

Our offering is constantly renewed and enhanced to meet the changing and complex needs of our customers. In addition to the traditional granting of medium-long term loans for the construction of public works, we now offer a wide range of products.

Discover the range of products for Regions

Revolving Fund For Planning

Through the fund, we advance authorities the expenses for project activities

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Refinancing Loan (PRIF)

We back regions and local authorities by granting loans so that they can convert the loans they have carried out with other banking and financial intermediaries or other authorized parties at better rates. 

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Single Payment Loan

A financial instrument that is particularly suited to the financial coverage of the deficit between the total investment cost and the verified revenue.

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Regional Loan With Pre-Amortisation

A financial instrument that provides coverage for regional investments, with the possibility of starting the amortisation of the loan the year after signing.

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Multiple Payment Loan

A financial instrument that is suited to financing investment plans consisting of multiple activities, each with its own expense profile

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School Building Loans With Provisions From International Financial Institutions

We provide the Regions with financial coverage for extraordinary interventions for publicly owned buildings used for education and housing or residences for university students, the construction of new public school buildings and the construction and renovation of school gyms.

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