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Equity loans for Internationalization

We support your company in direct investments with additional financial resources

Who it is aimed at

Companies of all sizes.

How it works

We partner in your investments in foreign companies, offering your company investments for internationalisation  through:

  • Direct participation: we support your investments with a medium-long term, minority stake in foreign or Italian companies. Participation can be in the constitution phase (greenfield initiatives), in terms of share capital increase, and in the event of acquisition by third parties (M&A transactions). Depending on the local regulatory framework, you can obtain additional financial resources by granting loans to the investee company in proportion to the total investment.
  • Interest contribution: if the investee is based in a non-EU country, you can benefit from a subsidy on bank financing for the acquisition of your participation fee.
  • Participation in the Venture Capital Public Fund:  for your foreign investments,if the investee is located in a geographical area of strategic interest, you can request the additional involvement of the Venture Capital Fund, which does not require guarantees and provides for a remuneration at the ECB rate + variable spread based on the size class of your Italian company

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