Why you should choose Cassa Depositi e Prestiti | CDP

We work in the general interest of Italy, accompanying the country towards a more solid and sustainable future. Our people put their skills at the service of this mission


We are the engine driving the country’s development

Since 1850, CDP has supported the Italian economy in its various stages, accompanying it on a continually evolving journey. Today, we transform postal savings into investments targeting local areas with small and large infrastructure, supporting the country, particularly at times of profound changes.
Our business model is based on impact generation: from collecting resources from postal savers and the market to supporting manufacturing, the public administration and infrastructure.
Thanks to both public and private shareholders, we act as a patient investor with market logics, without losing sight of our long-term goals, to encourage the country’s economic and social development supporting the Public Administration, businesses, the non-profit sector and citizens.


The challenges we are facing for Italy today

Inclusive and 
sustainable growth

We promote gender equality and social equity. We want to redevelop urban areas, improve schools, health facilities, existing housing and build new accommodation, to meet the needs of the general public.

Climate and protecting
the ecosystem

We support the development of renewable energy sources, investments in water infrastructure and waste treatment plants, with a view to a circular economy.

Digital transition
and innovation

We are facilitators of the digital transition to promote economic and social growth with innovative ideas and solutions, for example promoting broadband, a greater IT security or supporting SMEs in digital transition processes.

value chains

We support businesses to promote modern, resilient and sustainable value chains, targeting a reduction in logistics costs and reliance on strategic foreign procurement.

Our 5 core values 

What we actually do

We contribute to shaping a country that is more solid, fairer and able to effectively and promptly rise to the challenges of contemporary society. For example:

  • We finance infrastructure development and investments by local authorities and provide technical advisory services for the construction of public works.
  • We promote the development of new concepts of social, student and senior housing and the enhancement of public real estate assets.
  • We support companies in their innovation and growth processes on the domestic and international markets, contributing to the development of production chains and the venture capital and private equity market.
  • We work in international cooperation as a financial institution and promote the sustainable growth of developing nations, offering an extensive range of financial products to public and private entities alike.

Why choose CDP

Playing a leading role

Working at CDP means generating an impact, contributing to the country’s sustainable growth and playing a key role in promoting economic and social development.


We promote a balanced work life and put people at the centre, safeguarding their mental and physical wellbeing and supporting families.

Developing skills

We strive each day to create a stimulating, innovative workplace, with a wealth of opportunities, where our people can express their potential and build on their competencies.

Valuing uniqueness

We embrace an inclusive vision and a plural community, where each person can share their ideas and their journey to support an authentic corporate culture.



Key figures

*The figures refer to the 2023 Integrated Report