I nostri valori | CDP


Together to promote and respect our values.

A corporate culture founded on shared values

Integrity, inclusion, skills, environmental responsibility and impact: the approximately 1,500 people of the CDP Group base their constant commitment and attention on these values, with the goal of promoting a corporate culture that’s ever more open to and focused on valuing diversity, inclusiveness and gender equality.

Discover our values


We act with rigor and transparency in accordance with CDP’s values

Valuing the individual by favouring open, responsible and transparent behaviour and dialogue, in compliance with current legislation and industry best practices.


We promote fairness and equal opportunities in all forms and under all circumstances

Securing the conditions for all individuals, inside and outside the company, to fulfil their potential, providing them with a level playing field and equal opportunities.

Environmental responsibility

We defend the environment to protect future generations

Ensuring environmentally responsible behaviour in internal processes and external initiatives, supporting the transition to a more planet-conscious economy and society.


We create value for people, local areas and the country

Acting in the interests of the country, we integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into investment processes and involve the community in the pursuit of socially responsible behaviour.


We aim for excellence by pursuing continuous improvement

Supporting the development of skills and results through continuous training based on collaboration between employees.