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About Fondazione CDP

Fondazione CDP was set up in 2020 by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti SpA with the ambitious goal of strengthening the Group's historic contribution and commitment to Italy’s social, cultural, environmental and economic development.

CDP's history is intertwined with a significant part of Italy's economic growth, combining its culture of business know-how with a strong social and civil dimension, and is deeply rooted in the country.

In today’s context, with the many new challenges to be faced by Italy, at Fondazione CDP we are promoting initiatives and projects that will have a strong social impact by leveraging the country's strategic assets for modern and sustainable development, working together with the best civil society organisations.

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Our mission

Fondazione CDP pursues social, environmental, cultural and economic development aims. We invest in the country's strategic assets, with a particular focus on initiatives that favour younger generations and support human capital.

Our Vision

Fondazione CDP promotes the sustainable development of people, communities and regions. We believe in the value of business culture as the preferred tool to be put at the service of citizens, to ensure a better present and future for the country.


Our projects

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