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Patrimonio Rilancio - National Strategic Fund

Strengthen your company's capital structure with long-term investments


Who they are aimed at

National Strategic Fund instruments are aimed at public limited companies with registered offices in Italy and a turnover of more than €50 million*.

How they work

With National Strategic Fund instruments we are providing stability to the future of companies through long-term investments, with the involvement of other market investors, for companies with solid growth prospects, in order to support their development plans.

The Patrimonio Rilancio (Assets for Relaunch) can take a maximum of 70% of the total investment and this must not exceed the threshold for mandatory takeover (listed companies) or legal control (unlisted companies).

Within the Fondo Nazionale Strategico (National Strategic Fund), there is a dedicated arm for investing in strategic listed companies via the secondary market, in line with procedures and investment schemes agreed from time to time with the MEF.

Specifically, the solutions are:

  • Capital Increase: This instrument is for amounts over €25 million to be co-invested with third parties, to strengthen and stabilise your company's capital structure and support medium- to long-term development plans.
  • Convertible Bond Loan: This is a product with a term of up to seven years and a minimum amount of €1 million, with an option for the issuer to redeem the bonds or convert them into share capital.

How to apply

Complete the form and you will be contacted by one of our specialists.


*If the company belongs to a group, reference will be made to the value of revenues on a consolidated basis (at the highest degree of consolidation) without taking into account the revenues earned within the group.


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