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CDP is led by Giovanni Gorno Tempini, Chairman since October 2019, and by Dario Scannapieco, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager since May 2021.



Our managers contribute to the definition and implementation of operational plans, using the stimuli that emerged from daily work to implement projects and long-term visions

Our managers
Massimo Di Carlo

Deputy General Manager and Business Director

Alessandro Tonetti

Deputy General Manager and Legal, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Director

Luca d'Agnese

Advisory and Technical Competence Centers Director

Maurizio Di Fonzo

People and Organization Director

Francesca Scaglia

Risk Director

Paolo Lombardo

International Cooperation and Development Finance Director

Fabio Massoli

Administration, Finance, Control and Sustainability Director

Francesco Mele

Investment Director

Manuela Sabbatini

Internal Audit Director

Andrea Montanino

Sector Strategy and Impact Director

Pasquale Salzano

European and International Affairs Director

Marco Santarelli

Communications, External Relations, Arts and Culture Director

Giancarlo Scotti

Real Estate Director

Alberto Tavani

Innovation, Transformation and Operations Director

Group companies managers
Antonino Turicchi

CEO Fintecna

Regina Corradini D’Arienzo

CEO and General Manager Simest 

Emiliano Ranati

CEO CDP Immobiliare

Giancarlo Scotti

CEO CDP Real Asset SGR

Francesco Mele

CEO CDP Equity