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We have always financed our country’s growth with Postal Savings Bonds and Postal Savings Passbooks

CDP issues Interest-bearing Postal Savings Bonds and Postal Savings Passbooks with a State-backed guarantee. These products are distributed by Poste Italiane through more than 13 thousand branches located throughout the country.

Savings with double value

An important ethical value is added to the financial value of an investment with a State-backed guarantee.
With their savings, savers play a role in their country’s growth.
This funding collected by CDP through Postal Savings finances infrastructure, local public services and supports the national entrepreneurial system.
The funding collected from the country is returned to the country in the form of services for citizens and jobs.

Postal Savings Passbooks

CDP Postal Savings Passbooks are the ideal way to grow your savings safely: they have a State-backed guarantee and no opening, management or closing fees, except tax charges

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Postal Savings Bonds

Investing in CDP Postal Savings Bonds is the simplest and safest way to save money: reduced tax, no subscription, management or repayment fees (except tax charges) and the possibility of repayment at any time

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Know the performance of your BFPs

Do you want to know what the value of your Postal savings bond is? Find out with our calculator

Calculation of yields

Historical background

Cassa depositi e prestiti has been using Italy’s network of post offices to collect funding from postal savings since 1875

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