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Medium-long Term Finance

We support your company’s investments in research and development, innovation, growth plans in Italy and specific capex plans.

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The Products

We can offer your company:

  • Ordinary MLT Loans: To support business growth plans for specific Capex Plans
  • Structured Finance: (e.g. Project Financing, Acquisition Financing, Asset-based lending, etc.)
  • Corporate bond issues: favouring the diversification of funding sources by companies (issuers), by using the capital market as an alternative to the traditional banking market.
  • RCF – Revolving Credit Facility: credit line with a pre-set duration (short or medium-long term), intended to support temporary cash needs for making or refinancing investments
  • Loans to support internationalisation: get access to financial resources for your company’s international growth projects more easily

CDP supports the operations with a dedicated team that analyses the company needs and evaluates /researches the solution that best meets the demands of the company and their different credit needs.

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Our detailed solutions

Structured Finance
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Ordinary MLT Loans
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Corporate Bond Issues
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Revolving Credit Facility
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Loans to support internationalization
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Loans on CDP MIDCAP LOAN funding provided by the European Investment Bank
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