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Local authorities

Public Loans

We are the long-term partner for local authorities and financially we support the development and modernisation programmes of your institution, with particular attention to investments with a high impact on the growth of the territories.

Our offering is constantly renewed and enhanced to meet the changing and complex needs of our customers. In addition to the traditional granting of medium-long term loans for the construction of public works, we now offer a wide range of products.

Discover the range of products for Local Authorities

Ordinary Loan

We provide local authorities with financial coverage for an entire range of investment expenses

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MEF Liquidity Advances 2021

We are supporting the areas of the country hit by the pandemic emergency by opening up the terms for Liquidity Advances. By using the scheme, you can speed up payments to your administration's suppliers.

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Kyoto Fund 5

We provide subsidised loans (Kyoto Fund 5) for energy and water efficiency projects in public education buildings - from nurseries to universities and for public buildings for specialised training in arts, music and dance, sports facilities and healthcare.

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Flexible Loan for Large-Scale Projects

We support the fulfilment of investments in large-scale infrastructure projects.

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Development and Cohesion Fund Investment Loan

We contribute to the fulfilment of investments that are eligible for the use of the development and cohesion fund resources, encouraging the quicker use of resources.

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Flexible Loan

We finance activities with long lead times, enabling the accounting of the sums paid out, not the full amount.

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Treasury Advances

We give Municipalities the possibility to meet their temporary cash flow needs, through the Treasury Advances

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European Fund Investiment Loan

We enable you to finance the start-up and completion of European investments whose contributions have not been collected

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City Suburb Redevelopment Loan

We facilitate redevelopment projects in the suburbs of Italian cities

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Revolving Fund For Planning

Through the fund, we advance authorities the expenses for project activities

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Thermal Account Investiment Loan

We facilitate the implementation of energy efficiency measures relating to the Thermal Account incentives arranged by the Energy Services Manager (GSE)

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Demolition Fund For Unauthorised Works

We grant advanced for the public demolition of unauthorised works

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MIMS Fund for Local Authority Planning

We provide support and technical assistance to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility (MIMS) Fund in the preparation of technical and economic feasibility studies and final project designs for local authorities.

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MIMS Fund for the planning of Priority Works

We provide support and technical assistance to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility (MIMS) Fund in the preparation of feasibility studies for infrastructure and priority settlement areas for the development of the country, as well as for project reviews of already financed infrastructure.

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Culture Fund

We provide technical support and assistance to the Ministry of Culture (MIC) for the use of state resources from the "Culture Fund", based on a special agreement between CDP and MIC.

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