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Venture Capital

We promote the growth and development of Italian companies of a highly technological or innovative nature.

Who is it for?

Start-ups and SMEs operating in strategic sectors for the country's growth and competitiveness: deep tech, blockchain, new materials, space economy, healthcare / lifescience, agritech, foodtech, mobility, fintech, social impact, robotics, sustainability.

How it works?

We support the development of the Venture Capital market in Italy and act in favour of Start-ups, with our specialised partner funds, through:

The CDP Venture Capital SGR - Fondo Nazionale Innovazione (National Innovation Fund) operates through direct and indirect investment funds, to support start-ups in all stages of their life cycle, with the aim of making the venture capital system a cornerstone of Italy's economic development and innovation. The investment funds managed by CDP Venture Capital SGR are:

  • Italia Venture II Fund, to support start-ups with a focus on southern Italian regions;
  • Fondo di Fondi VenturItaly (VenturItaly Fund of Funds), supports the development of the Italian venture capital market by investing in units of closed-end funds operating from seed to late stage.
  • Accelerators Fund, to encourage the creation of an ecosystem of business accelerators to support start-ups;
  • Boost Innovation Fund, to encourage co-investment with industrial / institutional partners in companies characterised by strong product and/or service innovation;
  • Technology Transfer Fund, to encourage direct and indirect investment to accelerate the establishment and development of deep tech start-ups and investment funds specialising in technology transfer;
  • Evolution Fund, to encourage direct investment, through rounds A and B, in the best innovative start-ups and SMEs led by talented and ambitious entrepreneurs;
  • Relaunch Start-up Fund, which co-invests with regulated and/or qualified investors in Italian start-ups or innovative SMEs 
  • Corporate Partners I Fund, to support startups and innovative SMEs operating in strategic sectors for our country by investing and collaborating together with Italian companies.
  • Fondo Large Ventures (Large Ventures Fund), supports mature or ‘late stage’ startups to support their growth and the development of innovative and/or high-tech products and services.


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Our detailed solutions

Italia Venture II Fund
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Fondi VenturItaly Fund
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Accelerators Fund
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Boost Innovation Fund
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Technology Transfer Fund
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Evolution Fund
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Relaunch Start-up Fund
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Corporate Partners I Fund
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Large Ventures Fund
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FoF International
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Green Transition Fund
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Digital Transition Fund
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