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CDP in Europe

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti's European commitment


We promote our strategy with the European institutions.

Main activities

We are key players in significant initiatives within the European area, leveraging a large and consolidated network which involves the institutions of the EU, the most important European industry associations and financial partners such as the EIB Group and the National Promotional Institutions.

We monitor institutional activities and the main regulatory developments, to strengthen our presence in Europe and ensure our positioning on matters of greatest interest to the Group.

We have a presence in Brussels with an office shared

  • with other European financial institutions: KfW (German national promotional institution), CDC (French national promotional institution), Bpifrance (French public investment bank), AFD (French development agency), BGK (Polish national promotional institution), InvestNL (Dutch national promotional institution) and ELTIa
  • with Group enterprises, such as SNAM, Terna and Italgas.


We have played a leading role in implementing the Juncker Plan and InvestEU and we now also play a central role in the InvestEU programme, the European plan that will support investments and employment in Europe in the 2021–2027 period, aiming to mobilise at least 650 billion euros to implement projects in research, innovation and digitalisation, social investments, sustainable infrastructure and SMEs.

In the role of “implementing partner” of the European Commission, CDP represents the gateway to the opportunities that the programme offers in Italy.

European Partner





The European Long-Term Investors Association (ELTIa) is the association that brings together 31 financial institutions and National Promotion Institutions from 23 EU countries. ELTIa members offer financial services in 27 EU member states, Turkey, Norway and Iceland.


The Big5+1 initiative brings the 5 leading National Promotion Institutions (KFW, CDC, ICO, BGK and CDP) together with the EIB.

Each year, the institutions work together on joint initiatives and discuss matters of common interest.


The Network of European Financial Institutions for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (NEFI) includes 18 financial institutions from as many EU Member States. NEFI members support and finance around 454,000 SMEs across Europe, with over 60 billion Euros in funding and guarantees.


The Italian Initiative Group (GII) is the association that represents the Italian community in Brussels, in the fields of business, agri-food, innovation, research and services. Its aim is to enhance Italy's image in the European capital, by coordinating Italian players and creating a network of relations with the Belgian and European institutions. To achieve this, the GII promotes high-profile meetings with institutional and business representatives, on current economic and business issues in Italy and Europe.


JEFIC – Joint European Financiers for International Cooperation is a partnership between European financial institutions which supports public sector bodies in developing countries and emerging economies. The current members – AECID (Spain), AFD (France), CDP (Italy) and KfW (Germany) – share a common vision aimed at strengthening cooperation, coordination and dialogue between the main players in the European system of development finance.


GIURI (Informal Group of Italian Representative Offices for Research and Innovation) is an informal platform bringing together the EU liaison and representative offices of the Italian stakeholders operating in the Research and Innovation field. GIURI aims to facilitate and improve interaction, exchange of information and cooperation between its members, their respective national networks and EU institutions. The platform places a special emphasis on sharing experiences and know-how on opportunities stemming from European funding programmes.


EVFIN (European Venture Fund Investors Network) is a dialogue platform launched in 2011 by the main National Promotion Institutes operating in the venture capital sector, in response to the financial crisis. The platform includes 23 members active in 19 European countries, including CDP Venture Capital. EVFIN aims to contribute to the growth of the venture capital ecosystem in Europe by pooling its members’ experience in the field and creating cross-border investment opportunities.


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