Sostenibilità economica sociale e ambientale del Gruppo CDP | CDP

The sustainability of our business


We promote the sustainable economic development of the country

Promoting Italy's sustainable development is a fundamental part of our Mission. Through our daily commitment, we support the economic and social growth of our country, contributing to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

For CDP, the principles of sustainable development are a fundamental lever for promoting shared growth and creating long-term value for the benefit of local areas and communities.

To achieve these goals in an inclusive way, we build constructive relationships with all our stakeholders and take into account the civil society perspective when defining our strategic priorities. Through a corporate governance system focussed on the principle of sustainable development, we fully integrate economic, social and environmental factors into our processes, activities and business model. Through human resource management that values inclusion, merit and excellence, we put our staff at the service of promoting the country. With our business activities and by promoting a low-impact working environment, we contribute to combatting climate change and to an economy and society that is more mindful of protecting our ecosystem.

With our Integrated Report we tell the story of how sustainability has become the driving force behind our work and the catalyst for our role as promoter of the country's economic, social, environmental and cultural transition.

This document outlines how the Group creates value for its stakeholders by leveraging all the capital at its disposal.


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