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Promoting Italy's sustainable development is a fundamental part of our Mission.

"The 2024 Strategic Plan looks to the future responsibly and consciously, aiming to increase CDP’s role as a driving force for the country’s sustainable development and achieve significant economic, social and environmental impact

Giovanni Gorno Tempini
Chairman, CDP

“Sustainability, additionality and subsidiarity in respect to the market, and strategies, policies and impact are the Strategic Plan’s key principles. The Plan’s starting point is an observation of the urgent challenges Italy faces. Cassa will respond by taking a complementary approach to the market, directing its resources towards Italy's priorities and aiming to achieve positive effects for enterprises, public sector bodies and households”

Dario Scannapieco
Chief Executive Officer, CDP

Our sustainability ambition

Our goal is to promote Italy’s sustainable development, achieving a significant economic, social and environmental impact. This is why the roadmap in the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan and our first ESG Plan outline the challenges and objectives involved in boosting the country's growth and competitiveness


Our lines of Action

To maximise our contribution to the 2030 Agenda’s Goals and meet stakeholder priorities, we have embarked on a sustainability path that will be guided by new policies that can shape and support how we establish strategic choices.
Our commitment to sustainability focuses on six courses of action.

Environment and climate change

What we’re doing to support the energy transition, climate resilience and protection of the environment

Our people

We focus on development, training and a work environment that supports our people’s wellbeing

Diversity and inclusion

We foster an inclusive workplace and support efforts to embrace all forms of diversity

Innovation and digitalisation

The digital transition fosters economic and social growth through innovative ideas and solutions

Social cohesion

Improving schools, hospitals and existing housing, as well as building new ones, to meet society’s basic needs

Sustainable finance

Our financial instruments are aligned with leading environmental, social and governance standards

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