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Supplier Portal

To attain the goals linked to our role in serving the country, we avail ourselves of the best partners for supplying goods, services and works marked by high standards of quality, at the right price and with a strong responsiveness to the needs of the framework.

The supplies of our supply chain not only have to meet the quality levels demanded, but they also have to be distinguished by the commitment to adopt the best practices in terms of working conditions, health and safety, environmental responsibility and ethics.

All purchasing processes are marked by observance of current legislation, the search for the maximum economic/quality advantage and protection of the reputation of CDP and of the Group companies, in order to guarantee that the principles of our Code of Ethics are observed.

In order to be a supplier of the CDP Group, the qualification process aimed at assessing many elements - from technical and management capabilities to ethical, economic and financial reliability - must be successfully completed.

This process allows the CDP Group to gain in-depth knowledge of its suppliers through an innovative and highly effective selection tool, consistent with the provisions of current legislation, within a virtuous cycle aimed at  reciprocal improvement and at attaining pre-set goals.

The qualification process begins with registration on the Supplier Portal of the CDP Group, the tool that allows all economic operators to qualify for the List of Suppliers and to take part in the tender procedures in full observance of current legislation.

The Portal was developed to improve the efficiency of the purchasing processes and to offer important benefits also to the economic operators in terms of:

  • transparency and competitiveness,
  • streamlining and dematerialisation of the contractual process,
  • observance of the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity requirements in exchanging data,
  • guarantee of reliability and security,
  • environmental sustainability.

The positive outcome of the qualification process entails entering the supplier to the List of Qualified Suppliers of the CDP Group for the product category and class of amount being processed.

To qualify for the List of Suppliers and to consult the procedures of current or expired tenders, connect to the Supplier Portal at the following address: https://portaleacquisti.cdp.it/web/login.html .