CDP-Poste-MIUR: working together on the "Risparmio che fa scuola" project

CDP-Poste-MIUR: working together on the "Risparmio che fa scuola" project

94th World Savings Day: the schools project is relaunched, and set to involve 20,000 institutions and one million students over the next four years

Rome October 31, 2018

CDP has been supporting the sustainable economic development of Italy since 1850, working tirelessly to further the progress of the territory. This is our mission - a mission to which Italian savers actively contribute by purchasing savings bonds and books that support the growth of the country. For CDP, the word "savings" has a profound meaning, as explained by CEO Fabrizio Palermo during the 94th World Savings Day, alongside Matteo Del Fante, CEO of Poste Italiane, and Marco Bussetti, Italian Minister for Education.

The day, which coincides with the end of the very first Financial Education Month, was the perfect occasion to present the new edition of the "Risparmio che fa scuola" ("Learning about savings") project. Created by CDP, Poste Italiane and MIUR, this initiative is designed to teach young people about the importance of savings in the long term for both individual and collective benefit, and focuses not only on money but on resources and energy. "Il Risparmio che fa scuola" is an educational programme aimed at teachers and pupils in primary and secondary schools, and consists of a range of activities and training initiatives designed to promote economic citizenship and multi-dimensional savings as a key value and tool for progress.

Over the next 4 years, 20 thousand schools will be involved in the project. Using digital tools, interactive games, workshops and lectures, the initiative will serve to spread basic financial knowledge, fostering an awareness of the thousand hidden meanings behind the term "savings". "The mission of CDP is to protect and enhance the savings made by families by using these in projects that support the economic, social and territorial development of the country" - said Fabrizio Palermo. Referring to the purpose of the project, he emphasised, "This is an important initiative which enables us to reinforce and disseminate the value and the culture of savings to the generations of tomorrow".

In this context, the goal is a challenging one: to meet a million students, and to advocate an ethical and value-based vision of savings understood from a sustainable economy perspective, as well as promoting conscious and careful use of energy and environmental resources, with a view to contributing to both the progress and well-being of the community.

So, CDP, Poste Italiane and MIUR prepare to go into classrooms across the country, strengthening a long-established synergy. During the 94th World Savings Day press conference, the three institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding entitled "Promotion of the culture and value of savings in school education",  launching the project and extending its activities to schools in those areas that are most vulnerable to socio-economic deprivation, fighting educational poverty and early school leaving with tailored educational programmes. The agreement will also enable the three organisations to promote financial education with joint initiatives across the territory, encouraging the younger generations to make informed economic and financial decisions.

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