La formazione delle nostre persone | CDP

Professional growth

We believe that people who are qualified and have the ability to manage the continuous evolution of the business can contribute to the unique nature of CDP and the impact of its institutional mission in the interests of Italy

For this reason, we invest in talent, in people who embrace change, are curious about new ideas and who can promote innovation while fostering collaboration and team spirit.

We believe in our staff and because of this we have put in place a system of internal mobility between the various Group companies. We foster the development of the professional skills and expertise of the CDP group workforce, ensuring at the same time that their needs are in line with the principles of transparency, merit and appreciation in compliance with the relevant legislation.

Training and continuous learning are key drivers for the development of our people. Soft skills are just as important to our approach, rooted in the leadership concept and core values that underpin our corporate culture.

To help our managers and professionals perform their roles with greater awareness, we work with selected partners, including training providers and universities in Italy and around the world with specific expertise in the chosen area of interest.