CDP supporting the international growth of the Italian IVS Group

CDP supporting the international growth of the Italian IVS Group

IVS (International Vending Services) Group is the leading Italian operator and the second largest in Europe in the automatic distribution of food and drink sector

"IVS Group is the largest café in Italy: we serve 850 million consumers a year” commented Antonio Tartaro, co-CEO of the leading vending machine group. The company is the second largest player in Europe, with operations in Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland.

With 80 locations handling logistics and more than 2,700 people, the company manages in excess of 25,000 machines connected to the automated system in real time. The development of external lines is the main driver for IVS, which has embarked on an exponential growth path that has led it to make 52 acquisitions over one year: an average of one per week.

These are significant numbers, which IVS has achieved through a mission based on ethical and social responsibility, promoting environmental sustainability through the Vending Made Responsible brand, with which it promotes ecological projects, raising awareness of healthy and natural food and fair trade.

These objectives are in line with the business plan of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, which has decided to set up a €150 million credit line for IVS through SACE SIMEST, thereby enabling the company to further expand its business horizons with additional acquisitions in Spain, France and Switzerland, where the company is aiming for a 25-30% market share.

Financial and strategic support for an Italian company focussed on innovation, cutting-edge technology and environmental sustainability, and the pursuit of international growth.