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Short-term Liquidity

We are supporting medium and large companies by rapidly providing liquidity to deal with the COVID-19 emergency

CDP Group has put in place extraordinary measures through this product to support businesses due to the Covid-19 emergency.

Who it is aimed at

Medium and large Italian companies impacted by the Coronavirus emergency


How it works

If your company is impacted by the Coronavirus emergency, we can offer loans to financially support temporary liquidity or working capital needs.

The loans will preferably be granted in co-financing pools with the banking system, with a CDP contribution of between 5 and 50 million for a term of up to 18 months.
To be eligible to apply for this type of financing, companies must:

  • have an annual turnover of more than 50 million euros;
  • be able to demonstrate losses due to the COVID-19 emergency, equal to at least a 10% reduction in operating turnover for the year 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year

Liquidity needs to be supported by the loan can include:

  • investment in research, development, innovation, protection and enhancement of cultural heritage, promotion of tourism, environment, energy efficiency, promotion of sustainable development and green economy;
  • initiatives for the growth, also through joint operations, of companies in Italy and abroad
  • implementation of works, systems, networks and equipment designed for public utility initiatives.

The company will repay the loan in a single bullet instalment at the maturity date, with a deferred half-yearly interest payment.
The financial terms and conditions for granting the loan will be in line with market conditions, based on the rating class of the beneficiary company and term.


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