Social cohesion and urban regeneration with CDP in the city of Campobasso

Social cohesion and urban regeneration with CDP in the city of Campobasso

Council residences and resources enhance the disused areas of the Molise’s regional capital

Nestled on a hill, 700 metres above the sea, Campobasso is a city of 56,000 inhabitants and the capital of the Molise region. Its urban space is just like a rich tapestry, embodying the historical and artistic heritage of different peoples and eras ranging from the 13th to the 18th centuries. 

Thanks to the way in which its urban space has been extended and organised, Campobasso has turned into a cityon a human scale” that evenly integrates present and future with a strong orientation towards sustainability and social cohesion, as also demonstrated by its engagement with the “MediAree – Next Generation City” initiative. This is a project conceived by ANCI (the national association of Italian municipalities) and the Department of Public Administration in order to develop strategies and urban policies that take into consideration issues of inclusion and environmental risk transition.

This is the context surrounding the relationship between Campobasso and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, which in 2009 led to the construction of 32 council residences, to meet the local community’s housing demand.

These activities were further strengthened by the collaboration for the Revolving fund for projects. Indeed, CDP has supported the municipality in accessing the resources offered by the Call for the neighbourhood regeneration, for the restoration and enhancement of disused areas such as the market hall, the former slaughterhouse and some school facilities, with a loan of €1.5 million.

These are major interventions aimed at creating value at a local level and at revitalising the territory, which CDP has chosen to promote also through the opening – in November 2021 – of a CDP Space, an information hub located at the Molise Chamber of Commerce office, in order to consolidate support to the territory’s businesses and public sector bodies.