Revolving Fund for Planning | CDP

Revolving Fund For Planning

Through the fund, we advance authorities the expenses for project activities

Who’s it for?

Municipalities, Metropolitan Cities and Provinces, Regions and Autonomous Provinces (Circ.1294 / 2019)

How does it work?

With the Revolving Fund for Planning, your organisation can ask CDP to advance all or part of the expenses related to external professional assignments for the implementation of one or more project phases, for individual investments or connected sets of investments.

The amount must be distributed, in one or more payment, within 18 months of the agreement.

The interest on the Advance is charged to the State Budget. The Fund has a revolving nature, guaranteed by a single reimbursement by the beneficiaries, within three years of the first payment.

Where to apply?

Apply online at Local Authorities and PA Portal

Would you like more information?

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