Challenges and opportunities for Campania’s economy. The new Focus Territori

Challenges and opportunities for Campania’s economy. The new Focus Territori

What are the challenges facing Southern Italy and Campania on the path to recovery? And in which areas of excellence is investment necessary to seize the new growth opportunities on the horizon?

These and other questions are at the heart of the new Focus Territori, to understand the nature of Southern Italy’s economic system, with a particular focus on Campania and identify possible development scenarios for this exceptional period for our country.

Facing the recovery challenge rests on the ability to improve the numerous areas of excellence that characterise the region, seizing the investment opportunities made possible with the vast amount funds available thanks to supranational institutions.

There is a strong theme of innovation from a sustainability perspective that unites the regional areas of excellence identified in this analysis. The five areas considered:

  • innovation and research ecosystem;
  • aerospace;
  • agri-food chain;
  • marine economy;
  • tourism system

these areas have factors in common making them ideal candidates to contribute to the recovery strategy of the Campania region.

Indeed, these are systems that, in addition to being of absolute importance for the southern and national context, have the potential for strong internationalisation and the ability to create a solid network of relationships with key players on a global level, this latter aspect is particularly relevant for the innovation ecosystem and aerospace.

In order for Campania to be able to react to the crisis by leveraging these areas of excellence, it will be essential to work on easing some of the constraints that still limit its potential, including: strengthening the system of innovation; working on the quality of human capital; improving the efficiency of the public administration, and working on simplifying administrative processes; working on infrastructural nodes.

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