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The economy of Campania: the 5 areas of excellence from which to relaunch enterprise

The Focus Territori identifies the 5 regional areas of excellence, which, if supported and promoted in the right way, could represent a driving force for the post-Covid economic relaunch.

Within the south of the country, Campania - which, with a GDP of more than 100 billion euros is the leading region in terms of income produced - could represent an important “laboratory” for development, thanks to several regional areas of excellence that, provided they are appropriately strengthened and formalised, will play a decisive role in the relaunch of enterprise.

In order to do this, the region will have to seize the opportunities represented by the European funds. Among the areas of investment indicated as taking priority by the Recovery Fund, the contribution to the green and digital transition represents one of the most pertinent areas for the approval of the projects submitted to the Commission.

And it is precisely the strong focus on innovative content, particularly with regard to sustainability, that the analysis highlights with respect to each of the 5 areas of excellence identified - an ecosystem of innovation, the aerospace district, the agri-food sector, the maritime economy and tourism.

In order for Campania to be able to react to the crisis by leveraging these areas of excellence, it will be essential to work on easing some of the constraints that still limit its potential, including: strengthening the system of innovation; working on the quality of human capital; improving the efficiency of the public administration, and seeking to simplify administrative processes; working on infrastructural nodes.

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