World Cancer Day, online video clips on prevention

“CDP Health and Wellness” on CDP’s social channels, with the Veronesi Foundation

The online information campaign “CDP | Health and Wellbeing", was organised in collaboration with the Umberto Veronesi Foundation to raise awareness about the importance of prevention and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

The campaign included three webinars given by the Foundation's scientific experts, which were designed to promote a prevention culture in companies.

CDP began broadcasting these clips on their social channels on 4th February, to coincide with World Cancer Day. The aim was to share essential information for making informed choices, using scientifically accurate, clear and concise information.

In the first of these,  Dr. Elena Dogliotti , Nutritional Biologist and Scientific Supervisor at the Foundation, focused on how a healthy diet and an active lifestyle are essential for preventing many diseases.

In October, the month dedicated to breast cancer prevention, Dr. Chiara Segrè , the Foundation’s Scientific Supervisor, explained the benefits of cancer prevention and outlined the examinations and check-ups that can help detect the onset of these typically female tumours.

The final webinar was held in November, the month dedicated to prostate cancer prevention.  Dr. Agnese Collino, Scientific Supervisor at the Foundation, provided an overview of the tests and behaviours that men should adopt for effective prevention.

CDP wants to use this initiative to help raise awareness about the importance of protecting individual and collective health.

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