Vivi Voltri: social housing in Milan

Vivi Voltri: social housing in Milan

CDP Investimenti Sgr contributes, through its FIA ‚Äč, to the realization of one of important social housing operations

Milan, 2 August, 2016

"Residences Social Housing", the real estate fund managed by Torre SGR SpA, has made Vivi Voltri - Living Nearby is a resource, one of Milan’s most important social housing initiatives. As part of social housing, this is the third large project in the Lombard capital and is characterized by a statement of purpose that sets it apart. Vivi Voltri is based on a completely innovative approach to construction: to not create abandoned urban tenements, but rather a city within a city immersed in green, where the concept of architectural beauty can live with that of accessibility and utility.

To discuss the initiative’s social value, Councilor for Home and Public Works of the City of Milan Gabriele Rabaiotti visited the sited. The project was made possible by CDP Investimenti Sgr in its role as Fondo Investimenti per l’Abitare manager.

With a 60% stake, ViVi Voltri is controlled by the FIA. The remaining 40% belongs to Pessina Costruzioni SpA (which built the complex), the real estate fund "Fedora" and Torre SGR SpA.