Valle d’Aosta: €30 million to invest in the water system with the Green Loan

Valle d’Aosta: €30 million to invest in the water system with the Green Loan

A loan of €30 million means many municipalities in the Valle d’Aosta will be able to make improvements to the integrated water system.

The loan was granted by CDP to the BIM (mountain water catchment area) Consortium, a body that manages all phases of water treatment in the region’s 74 municipalities, from aqueduct services to those related to sewerage and purification.

More than 40 projects ranging in scale will be financed throughout Valle d’Aosta to reduce water loss and ensure an adequate supply for inhabitants and tourists.  The initiatives are in line with the goal of encouraging water savings and preventing the effects of increasingly frequent water shortages.

Two-thirds of the resources, amounting to €20 million, will be disbursed through the Green Loan. The product was launched in collaboration with the EIB to promote sustainable investments by public entities on subsidised financial terms through a €200 million fund. Eligible activities fall into four priority areas: the green economy and water resources, energy efficiency, public transport and waste treatment.

The loan made to the BIM Consortium is merely the latest measure in CDP’s longstanding commitment to the water sector: since 2016, 360 transactions worth more than €220 million have been carried out, with the goal of investing in aqueducts, dams, remediation works and sewer networks.

The initiative follows the priority areas for action identified in the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan by the Sectoral Guidelines on the Protection of Local Areas and Water Resources to support the modernisation and upgrading of infrastructure.