Valle Camonica Onlus: a new building for social inclusion projects

Valle Camonica Onlus: a new building for social inclusion projects

The Pia Fondazione will purchase the property thanks to a €500,000 loan from CDP 

A new building to expand the services offered to vulnerable elderly and disabled people is the goal of a €500,000 loan granted by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) to the Pia Fondazione Valle Camonica Onlus. The loan will also facilitate the mobilisation of additional funds amounting to more than €1 million.


The new residence

The building that will be purchased as a result of the CDP loan is located in Malegno, in the province of Brescia, very close to the registered office and headquarters of the Pia Fondazione. Following its renovation, the building will be suitable for establishing new social and health services for the disabled and the elderly, in conjunction with the work carried out at the main complex. The project involves the construction of eight apartments over the first and second floors, plus a large common area.


Following the CDP loan, NRRP and Fondazione Cariplo funding to be made available

The cost for the purchase of the property, equal to €900,000, will be supported in part by the loan of €500,000 granted by CDP and in part (€400,000) by the Pia Fondazione Valle Camonica Onlus own budget.

The CDP loan will make it possible to release additional resources related to the purchase of the property. Specifically, the Pia Fondazione is the beneficiary of grants from NRRP funding amounting to a total of €700,400. The funding will be broken down into €436,000 for the renovation of the building, with the remaining part going towards management costs for the new services.

Additional financing of €350,000 from Fondazione Cariplo will allow for completion of the third floor of the building, where temporary housing services will be rolled out.

In total, the funding mobilised for the project related to the new building will hit almost €2 million.


Activities in the new building

The Pia Fondazione has proposed that the NRRP resources are used for three separate projects to expand its services, two of which will be carried out in the new building: "Progetto inclusivamente" and "Progetto invecchiamento attivo".

  • The first initiative is aimed at people with disabilities and is designed to increase their independence in terms of housing and employment. To this end, a part of the building will be used for social housing, based on a model of "collaborative living". Employment for disabled people is provided as part of a local "albergo diffuso" project, offering hospitality and accommodation across the numerous unused apartments in the neighbouring municipalities of Malegno, or in the 'Il Ponte' restaurant located in the building itself.
  • The second project aims to enhance the degree of independence that elderly people still have (albeit in a vulnerable condition), through two complementary forms of action: home care and an assisted residential service (social housing).


A positive impact, in line with CDP's Strategic Plan

The loan is in line with the priorities for action identified in the Strategic Guidelines for Social Infrastructure, as set out in CDP's 2022-2024 Plan, with the aim of contributing to the development of health and housing infrastructure to generate a positive social and environmental impact.