Urbanpromo: CDP's Social Housing in Turin

Urbanpromo: CDP's Social Housing in Turin

Growth prospects, European resources and international experience were the themes of the eighth edition of the event dedicated to new housing policies. Marco Sangiorgio, general manager of CDP Investimenti SGR attended the event.

Turin October 17,2018

Turin hosted the Urbanpromo Social Housing event dedicated to innovative housing policies promoted by CDP Investimenti Sgr, Instituto Nazionale di Urbanistica (INU), and the main sector bodies - Compagnia di San Paolo, the CRT Foundation, the Development and Growth Foundation, and the Social Housing Foundation.

Now in its eighth edition, the event held on October 11 and October 12 represented an opportunity for discussion and dialogue on innovation, tools, and activities dedicated to the theme of housing. In a change from previous editions, this year’s event looked outside Italy's borders both in the area of best practices (with interesting ideas from the French experience), and in terms of resources (with funding from European channels). For the first time Urbanpromo Social Housing opened operations to the international scene with two days of analysis and investigation, allowing the participants attending the meeting held attothe Gallery of Modern Art in Turin, to make comparisons with what is taking place abroad and gather ideas and reflections on expanding growth opportunities for social housing in Italy.

CDP Investimenti Sgr General Manager Marco Sangiorgio closed the event by reaffirming CDP Group's commitment to promote innovative housing solutions, suitable for different target groups and in line with sustainability standards.