Urbanpromo 2016: CDP Group Launches Better Living Competition

Urbanpromo 2016: CDP Group Launches Better Living Competition

Sixth edition for event which brings together major players in Italian Social Housing consisting of best practices, proposals and contest for videomakers

Turin, October 6, 2016

The sixth edition of Urbanpromo Social Housing is underway.  The event is dedicated to the promotion of a new culture, involving the creation of housing with high quality standards, contained construction costs, and rent-controlled apartments. Like every year, major players in the Italian social housing sector meet to share experiences, suggestions and best practices with one goal:  promote a new concept of "home," focused on sharing and sustainability.

CDP Group also participates in this year's event, held on 6 - 7 October in Turin and 8 - 11 November in Milan. Urbanpromo 2016 for CDP is the occasion to launch an initiative aimed at highlighting the Group's attention given to the development and promotion of social housing policies. It is the Living Better #promuoviamoilfuturo video contest that, through the Zooppa platform, calls on Italian videomakers, entrusted with the task of in 60 seconds explaining the features and benefits of the new culture, which coincides with a life choice focused on collaboration and sustainability.

The competition aims to wed creativity with innovation for social housing policies.  Urbanpromo 2016 is the perfect space to launch this initiative, enhancing CDP’s role in the promotion of real estate solutions dedicated to young families, single parents, mobile workers, the elderly,  and all those citizens who, with income greater than that required for access to public housing, cannot find homes on the market to fit their needs.

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