Urban Transformation in Veneto with QuiPadova project

Urban Transformation in Veneto with QuiPadova project

CDP reaffirms its commitment to urban renewal: a new initiative with the goal of building a multifunctional space, residences in social housing, and citizen services

Padua, December 28, 2016

It's called QuiPadova the new project of urban transformation designed and built by Cooperativa Città and Fondo Veneto Casa. Among other institutions, CDP acted as underwriter through the Fondo Investimenti per l’Abitare.

The initiative, to be realized over the coming 23 months, provides for the construction of a multifunctional center to be built in the complex of the former Paduan Sacerdoti del Sacro Cuore school , with the objective of achieving social housing accommodation.

Next to residential space, will be services to all the citizens: entertainment, bars, gyms, sports facilities and community gardens, only some of objectives. This is all thanks to the contribution of the Fondo Veneto Casa which to date has taken part in seven initiatives, for a total of 345 social housing units to meet emergency housing for families with income greater than that giving access to public housing.

QuiPadova, like other Urban Transformation projects developed by CDP in the 2016-2020 Business Plan, is a redevelopment initiative that is created in accordance with the urban fabric in both the architectural and social housing contexts, proposing a new culture, based on shared spaces and services.