Urban Transformation: CDP Group in the Heart of Florence

Urban Transformation: CDP Group in the Heart of Florence

CDP Investimenti Sgr has chosen the renewal project of the San Gallo barracks: squares, cloisters and a design hotel

Florence March 24, 2017

Florence’s historical San Gallo military barracks will come back to life as an urban space consisting of tree-lined streets, shops and cafes, ancient cloisters and a design hotel, thanks to CDP Group.

The 16,000-square-meter area in the center of Florence has an important historical value. Created by the merger of 20th century convents and used as a military hospital during the Italy unification in the 19th century, it has since fallen into disuse.

In 2014, CDP Group acquired the property through its CDP Investimenti SGR real estate business. Today the San Gallo barracks’ beauty will return with the renewal project.

The winning project in the international competition was presented by architects Fabrizio Rossi Prodi, Silvia Viviani, Emiliano Diotiaiuti, and firms Studio De Vita & Schulze and Tekne. The procedure was held in two phases. In the first, 42 groups of Italian and foreign design were selected based on the experience gained in recovery urban functions of real estate complexes of historical and architectural value.

All documentation about the contest is available online. CDP remains committed to real estate and urban planning as defined in the Business Plan 2016-2020.