Urban regeneration and development in Sanremo

Urban regeneration and development in Sanremo

CDP finances the purchase of the Flower Market area

A place which holds significant symbolic value for the city that hosts the floricultural trading of the Ligurian West. This is the Sanremo Flower Market.

CDP has financed the Municipality, with over €2.4 million, to purchase the areas where the market stands from the state-owned property agency (Agenzia del Demanio), a structure that extends over an area of 30,000 square meters, more than half of which are covered.

The initiative, which is part of an broader urban regeneration plan, will allow the spaces of this historic structure to be reorganised, improving its logistics and traffic flow, making it more accessible and practical for users and the general public.

The undertaking of such a significant project for the community comes as a result of a well-established relationship with the local administration, which in the past has also seen the launch of school construction projects. This relationship highlights the CDP Group's commitment to fostering social cohesion and the development of local communities.

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