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Underwriting of Bond Issues

Medium to long-term financing to help your company (issuer) diversify its sources of funding through use of the capital market

Who it is aimed at

Medium and Large companies operating in any sector

How it works

We support your company by underwriting bonds issued by your company, whether they are private or public placement, with the participation of a bank as arranger/dealer.

The action may concern individual issues and bonds falling within the scope of wider transactions that include the presence of other investors. The bonds underwritten by CDP can be listed on both regulated and unregulated markets.

The repayment of the security can be at maturity or in instalments, with a fixed or variable interest rate.

The proceeds of the financing will be allocated by the issuing companies to finance growth plans, for example to support structural and/or instrumental investments (capex) or for projects in research, development, innovation, environment, energy efficiency, development promotion sustainable, green economy and/or to refinance investments that have already been incurred in the aforementioned fields of activity and not yet amortised on the date of the last available financial statements.


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