Treasury Service and Advances: CDP and Poste in support of municipalities

Treasury Service and Advances: CDP and Poste in support of municipalities

A digital event organised in collaboration with Poste Italiane and ANCI to explore the opportunities of the Treasury Service and Treasury Advances took place on Tuesday 25 July.

The webinar began with speeches from Esedra Chiacchella, Head of Public Administration, Anna Rita Giagheddu, Head of Marketing – Business and Public Administration Segments at Poste Italiane, and Andrea Ferri, Head of Local Finance at ANCI - IFEL, moderated by David Schiona of the Identity, Promotion and Digital Communications team.

During the event, Antonio Rosario Russo, representative of the Treasury Service for Poste Italiane, and Tommaso Savi of CDP Business explored the most important aspects of these products for municipalities, focusing particularly on those with up to 15,000 inhabitants.

Before the conclusion of the event, the CDP representatives answered questions received from the audience on how to apply for the products, the benefits for the municipal body and other details.

Treasury Advance is a CDP product designed to help meet temporary liquidity requirements at municipalities with up to 15,000 inhabitants that are already customers of Poste Italiane. The product has a 3-month Euribor interest rate plus margin; it is quoted monthly and published both on the CDP website and in the Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper. 
The Treasury Service is mandatory for the financial management of local authorities. Municipalities with fewer than 15,000 inhabitants can take up the Poste Italiane service even without going to tender.