Tourism: CDP Group with the board of Confindustria Alberghi

Tourism: CDP Group with the board of Confindustria Alberghi

CDP CEO Fabio Gallia meets the Confindustria Alberghi board of directors to discuss CDP Group’s commitment to a strategic economic sector

Rome December 19, 2017

Growth opportunities in tourism was the main topic of the meeting organized in Rome with Confindustria Alberghi’s board of directors. Italy has always been a popular destination for international tourists making it so necessary to harness its potential to boost economic growth.

At the meeting organized in Rome by Confindustria Alberghi, Italy’s primary hotel industry trade group, participated CDP CEO Fabio Gallia together with the General Director of CDP Investimenti SGR Marco Sangiorgio, Confindustria Chairman Vincenzo Boccia, and Giorgio Palmucci, chairman of Italian Association Confindustria Alberghi.

Fundamental instruments are Fondo Investimenti per la Valorizzazione (FIV) and Fondo Investimenti per il Turismo (FIT) funds. The first, divided into the FIV Plus and FIV Extra Sub-Fund, is dedicated to the purchase of real estate owned by public bodies in order to proceed with their valorization and requalification. FIT, on the other hand, is a long-term investor in the tourism-hotel sector open to Italian and foreign investors.

FIT's investments are concentrated in valuable properties in Italian leading tourist locations, with the aim of encouraging the process of separating real estate from hotel management, a mechanism established in the great economy of international tourism and able to guarantee a high quality of the offer, while FIV aims to attract private investments on projects for the redevelopment of the country's historical and real estate assets, encouraging the re-launch of all activities connected to the sector and the production factors linked to culture.