Tourism after the pandemic at the Italian School of Hospitality's webinar centre, with Ca' Foscari

Tourism after the pandemic at the Italian School of Hospitality's webinar centre, with Ca' Foscari

The Italian School of Hospitality is launching its first activities. This joint initiative from CDP and Th Resorts, is in collaboration with the Ca' Foscari Challenge School, the advanced training faculty of the Venetian university.This June, a series of free, interactive, digital events for tourism operators will take place.

It's an opportunity to learn, discuss scenarios and come up with viable solutions in relation to the new social interaction rules for dealing with Covid-19 and the changes that Italian and international tourism markets face in the next few years.

Research experts and qualified speakers from the business and professional worlds will take you on a journey, covering the most relevant, topical issues facing the tourism sector.

After the success of the first webinars dedicated to "The future of tourism: a two year view" and "Health & safety, how to navigate scientific advice, certifications and operational standards."

The scheduled dates for the month - all from 17.30 - 18.30 -  are:

  • 1 June: “Transforming the hotel offer with new business models and sustainability” by Giulio Contini, International Director at stPOL University College of Hospitality Management, Palmiro Noschese, Retainer Development Melia Italy, Fractional Manager and Ada Rosa Balzan, CEO and Founder of the Innovative Start-up ARB;
  • 3 June: “The relationship between digital platforms and tourism companies” by Giulio Contini  and  Dino Dima, Partner at Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP;
  • 8 June:  “Restaurants looking for new services” by Giulio Contini and Luis Codò, professor of F&B Management at EUHT StPOL and CEO of Horeca Solutions;
  • 15 June:  “Business RE-START” by Giulio Contini and Gaetano Casertano, CEO, TH Resorts and Real Estate Finance lecturer, Luiss Guido Carli;
  • 17 June:  “Health, communication and experience” by Francesca Trevisi, Public Speaking and Effective Communications Trainer, TEDx Coach.

The Italian School of Hospitality represents an opportunity for Cassa Depositi e Prestiti to renew its commitment to tourism and to promote the Italian hospitality tradition, with a strong focus on investments in human capital” said Fabrizio Palermo, Chief Executive Officer of CDP, at the launch of the initiative.

This distance learning course marks the start of the school's activities, contributing to the development of skills and highly qualified professionals. An initiative that's especially important today for the development of a sector which is going through a difficult period, needs further effort in innovation and sustainability and is of strategic importance to the Italian economy.
Find more information about the webinars here: Scuola Italiana di Ospitalità