Together with the Ministry of Health to support scientific research

Together with the Ministry of Health to support scientific research

Fondazione CDP launches “In Sistema Ricerca” call for funding applications

The Italian Ministry of Health and Fondazione CDP have signed their first Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) together. The signing took place at the launch of the ‘In Sistema Ricerca’ call for funding applications, initiated by the foundation to support the goals of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) in the area of health-sector scientific research.

The initiative will provide up to €1 million to bolster further funding requests for research initiatives that are already subsidised by NRRP funds from the Ministry of Health. The funds granted by Fondazione CDP will specifically cover costs not already funded by the Plan's resources, but which are nonetheless crucial to the completion of the research project, up to a maximum of €100,000. According to the Ministry of Health's rankings, there are currently 170 research projects ongoing across Italy that are eligible to apply for this funding.

Targeted at researchers employed by Italian public or private non-profit institutions, as well as Scientific Hospitalisation and Care Institutes (IRCCS), the aim of the initiative is to assist in achieving the objectives set by the country in this sector, acting as a supplement to funds already provided by the European Commission through the NRRP.

 “The ‘In Sistema Ricerca’ competition affirms Fondazione CDP’s commitment to bolstering the research support system, aligning with a key pillar of our Strategic Plan. Indeed, our aim with this project is to bring major initiatives in the sector to fruition,” said Francesca Sofia, General Manager of Fondazione CDP.

Under the MoU, the Ministry of Health and Fondazione CDP will jointly assess and allocate the funds, aiming to select the funding applications with the greatest potential.

For the first time, the Ministry and the Fondazione will collaborate – each within the limits of their own roles – in a partnership that could be crucial for supporting scientific research in healthcare, which is vital for the future of public health.

“The protocol signed to implement the ‘In Sistema ricerca’ initiative is a further tool to boost health research and a strategic mechanism to enhance patient care and support,” commented Marco Mattei, Head of the Technical Secretariat at the Ministry of Health.
Francesca Sofia concluded: “Our partnership with the Ministry of Health demonstrates that collaboration between various parties can be instrumental in tackling the country's complex issues, particularly in strategically important areas like health research, where Italy can take a leading role.”