Together with D-Orbit on the frontiers of space

Together with D-Orbit on the frontiers of space

Como scale-up financed thanks to CDP Venture Capital Sgr

Although today D-Orbit can’t really still be defined as a start-up, the spirit that drives the company is still very young, as demonstrated both by the creative and productive energy that courses through it and by the age of most of the staff , who are under 30.

D-Orbit was founded in 2011 in Como, the brainchild of Luca Rossettini and Renato Panesi, two Italian aerospace engineers who met in Silicon Valley thanks to a scholarship. Since then, the space economy sector company has come a long way.

Today, the company provides space logistics services, with solutions covering the entire lifecycle of off-planet missions, simplifying operations, both in space and on the ground, with innovative technologies ranging from design and development of the satellite platform to the management of debris generated during missions.

To date, the company has collected over €21 million in investment from leading Italian and international venture capital funds, including CDP Venture Capital Sgr's Fondo Italia Venture I. This support is in line with
the mission of the CDP Group, which has always been geared towards encouraging Italian champions of innovation such as D-Orbit.