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Thermal Account Investiment Loan

We facilitate the implementation of energy efficiency measures relating to the Thermal Account incentives arranged by the Energy Services Manager (GSE)

Who’s it for?

Municipalities, Cities and Provinces (Circular. CDP n. 1280/2013), beneficiaries of the incentive granted by the GSE, with the Contribution method and distributed from the Thermal Account resources.

How does it work?

If you are a beneficiary of the Contribution, you can apply for the Thermal Account Investment Loan.

The financed amount is distributed, based on the supporting documents of the costs (e.g. work progress), during the period of use. with the possibility of extending it to the entire duration of the loan.

The sums paid must be repaid at the time the Contribution is paid, without any additional charge to the institutions. If the Contribution is not granted, the loan will remain in place to continue to guarantee financial coverage for the investment.

The eventual start of the repayment period can be brought forward if the investment has been fully made and the residual share to be paid by your institution will be reimbursed in a maximum of 40 six-monthly instalments.

Where to apply

Apply online at Local Authorities and PA Portal

Additional information

Visit the GSE website dedicated to the Thermal Account

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