The work of the new Task Force on the European industrial policy begins

The work of the new Task Force on the European industrial policy begins

CDP participates with more than 70 organizations from the academic world, industry and European policy-making

The work of the “Task Force on the New European Industrial Policy” officially began in January, after the launch event held last 17 November. This is a flagship initiative conceived and developed by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) – one of the leading European level think tanks – in partnership with CDP's European Affairs.

The initiative involves more than 70 organisations from the academic, industry and European policy-making worlds, and is aimed at identifying a series of policy recommendations for changes, in light of the new post Covid-19 socio-economic scenario, to the European Industrial Strategy, through which, on 10 March 2020, the European Commission outlined its plan to revive the continent's economy – divided into 14 industrial “ecosystems” – and the global transition towards climate neutrality and digital leadership.

CDP is playing an important role in the Task Force, not only by sponsoring the initiative, but also by actively participating in four of the eight working groups on highly strategic issues: (i) “European Green Deal”, (ii) “Digital Economy and data”, (iii) “Competition and State aid” and (iv) “Strategic value chains”.

As chair of the “Strategic value chains” working group, CDP is directly participating with six members, who are defining topics and documentation of interest in collaboration with internationally renowned experts. CDP will also contribute to drafting the reports for each working group, which will become part of the Final Report.

By the end of March, each working group will have met three times. A plenary session will follow, during which policy recommendations to be included in the Final Report will be selected.

Participation in the Task Force is allowing CDP to take part in the shaping and steering of the regulatory and policy debate, currently underway in the European offices, that will define the European Industrial Strategy.