The Tuscan economy: the new Focus Territori was presented at Spazio Imprese

The Tuscan economy: the new Focus Territori was presented at Spazio Imprese

What are the opportunities for growth in Tuscany? What challenges need to be addressed in order to embark on the road to recovery?

These and other questions are central to the new Focus Territori “The Tuscan economy. 5 areas of excellence for the restart"

The study was carried out by CDP Think Tank and was presented by Andrea Montanino during the Spazio Imprese event in Florence. Amongst those present were Leonardo Marras, Regional Councillor for production, credit, tourism and trade, Gabriele Gori, CEO of Fondazione CR Firenze, Roberto Naldi, CEO of Toscana Aeroporti and Vice President of Confindustria Firenze, Alessandra Simonotto, CFO of Piaggio, Lorenzo Petretto, President of Fidi Toscana and Nunzio Tartaglia, Head of the CDP Imprese division.

Tuscany faced 2020 as an economy "in transition", working to revise its economic model after the 2008-2009 financial crisis. In this context, the challenge for the relaunch depends on the ability to support and promote the qualitative leap that the production system needs to bridge the innovation gap that has been highlighted by the Covid crisis.

In this respect, the Tuscan economy can leverage some niche sectors which have a relatively limited weight on the regional production system but show potential development paths that are consistent with the mega-trends taking place at a global level.

We are referring to the textile sector, the wine sector, the pharmaceutical system, the automotive components sector and geothermal power generation.

As highlighted during the Spazio Imprese event, CDP has supported more than 1,600 Tuscan businesses over the last two years, providing a total of approximately 540 million euros in funding. Among the most significant transactions were those made in support of Azimut Benetti , Piaggio and Sammontana, aimed at guaranteeing them the necessary funding to continue with their current investment plans.

The recent opening of the Florence office confirms our ongoing commitment to Tuscany: it’s an important step to strengthen support for local businesses, especially in these difficult times.

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