The North-West of Italy: innovation and technology for a new path of development | CDP

The North-West of Italy: innovation and technology for a new path of development

What are the characteristics of the North-West of Italy? And what are its prospects for growth?

The Territories Focus investigates the characteristics of an area that has always been a stimulus for the entire national economy, driving the industrial development of the country.

The latest economic crises have highlighted the resilience of the Regions in this area which, faced with difficulties, have been able to reorient themselves towards value-added services and dynamic and more promising international markets. This capacity derives above all from the presence of an above-average infrastructure, relatively larger companies and an ecosystem capable of stimulating the creation of a true technological hub working for the whole country.

The North-West therefore has the opportunity to exploit its potential to remain competitive and play an even more important role in the European context, focusing on a series of points of excellence. These include its industrial sectors, such as the automotive industry, which can offer opportunities in a logic of international supply chains; the integrated port and logistics system, which through appropriate investments can strengthen the role of the area as an access point to Italy and Europe; cultural and natural resources, which have significant growth margins in terms of tourist flows and, finally, the training sector, which through an integrated network of points of excellence can strengthen the innovation capacity of the territory and the entire country.

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